new upton album.

i spent a few days in virginia last week putting guitars on the new jason upton album. it’s called “on the rim of the visible world”. i think it’s going to be great. there’s definitely some cool songs and it’s a more organic sound, which is a cool departure for him. also bryan willard and micah lother both have a couple songs on the album. it’s gonna be cool.

so i took my trusty fender ’52 reish tele and my ’61 revelator strat with me. i brought all sorts of pedals. i also had bryan bring his phantom mando-guitar with him. it’s a really cool 12 string guitar that starts at the octave up like having your guitar capo’d at the 12th fret. it was a gift from buddy miller, who is one of my favorite guitar players ever. i played through a tophat supreme 16 head w/ a tophat 1×12 cab w/ a vox blue. it was nice.


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