weekend at home.

it’s a saturday afternoon and i’m sitting on my couch. that practically never happens. i’m excited about it. i’m usually either sitting on an airplane, having woke up at some ungodly hour to head to another city, or sleeping in a hotel bed waking up with my allergies in full rebellion and wondering where i am, where i was the day before, and wishing i’d brought both of my pillows with me. it’s usually freezing in my hotel room. partly because i love sleeping when it’s cold, and also because that means the air conditioner stays on all night and (kind of) drowns out all the loud voices, slamming doors, weird noises, lonely quietness, people trying to get into your room cos they forgot what room they were staying in, maid services either knocking or just letting themselves in, and any snoring that may or may not be going on in the bed next to you. earplugs are usually sitting on the nightstand next to me, just in case. it’s a must, and the trick to getting good sleep.

i love my job. i do. i am blessed beyond measure, getting to play with truly talented, one of a kind musicians. i’ve traveled all over the world. people actually want to bring me along with them. i play guitar for a living! so it’s not the playing that is hard. i love playing music. i live for it. i don’t necessarily love everything leading up to the job.

flying has lost it’s excitement. sometimes, i swear, if i have to get on another plane i’ll snap. i never do. it just feels that way. i do fly first class a lot. that’s one of the perks of flying every weekend, and it’s a real treat (blessing) when it does happen. don’t worry, i still sit in the back most of the time. especially on the long flights. crammed back there with everybody else. i don’t really talk to people on planes. i have a few times. usually it’s pleasant enough. however, sometimes you sit next to some real freaks.

i get asked if i’m in a band. of course. i get asked if i’m that mindfreak guy. then i want to die. i get asked if i’m jack white. i don’t mind that. i used to get asked if i was jimmy fallon all the time. i don’t know. i get called ma’am a lot by tsa people and airport shuttle drivers. i laugh. often times, people look at me and assume i’ll think their rude comments are cool and funny. i guess the disheveled hair and outfits make me out to be some sort of sounding board for their uncalled for verbosity. it doesn’t, and i’m not. people assume i’m rude because i’m quiet when i’m around people i don’t know. i don’t laugh at jokes that i don’t think are funny. ever. i’m really scarcastic and dry humored. that get’s me in trouble a lot. i can actually understand that. i’m quiet until i am comfortable then i have the biggest mouth ever. it’s sort of weird. i think it’s part of the musician thing. i feel really uncomfortable and unbelievably nervous standing on stage in front of any amount of people, but you put a guitar on me and i could care less if there are 100,000 people out there. i don’t care if i hit a bad note. i don’t care if my guitar is out of tune. i can’t really explain it, but when i’m playing guitar it’s like i feel so powerful. i feel like i’m (slightly) in control (but incredibly out of control) of something that is so much bigger than i could ever be. like i’ve tapped into this other world. that sounds stupid. nevermind.

anyways. traveling. i travel so much. i miss my family so much. it’s nice to be home this weekend. we’ll be going to pops in the park on sunday with the friends. we have great friends. we are like a big family. that isn’t normal, we know, and we love it. we have parties for everybody’s birthdays. we make up our own holidays (easter feaster, ultimate nacho superbowl extravaganza, jamesgiving is coming soon) so we can have parties. it’s awesome. we are blessed.

stetson is getting so big. it’s amazing, being a father.

jacki is getting more beautiful every day.

i’m getting uglier. but that’s what we guitar players do. right?

the goodsell is a keeper. it’s a wonderful little amp.

i saw band of horses the other night. they were steller.

i’m going back to work on ATBL next week. word. i’m so excited about this album. i feel so alive.


p.s. i feel a long, self indulgent blog on delay pedals coming.



  1. What you said about being on stage v. being on stage with a guitar is my life. I’m getting more comfortable with the former, but I’ve never felt as comfortable as I do with the latter.

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