i was up in milwaukee (the good land) on sunday and monday recording guitars for the newest upton project. it’s called “family music”.

the whole album was recorded at jason’s house in his living room. performed live, for the most part, except for me. i think i would have been a little too loud for that environment. you know… all the microphones on all the acoustic intruments and whatnot.

anyways. i went for an old school, trashy, ruckus guitar sound. i played my revelator strat through the old fender super reverb pictured above. the pedal chain was:

mxr dynacomp>tubescreamer>memory man.

that was it for the most part. and if you know me at all you know that i usually use way more than that. it was fun. i think i added a boss rv5 and dd20 for a song or two, but it was mostly just those 3 pedals. it was fun. i did crank the reverb of the super reverb for a couple songs. the memory man was used for a slap back echo. i had a good time. got to play all nasty and sloppy. that’s my favorite way to play. i also played slide on a lovely  martin 000-42 acoustic for a few songs. we mic’d the acoustic and it sounded incredible. pretty proud. pretty proud.

also jason just released a new album last week. it’s called “on the rim of the visible world”. it’s my favorite album we’ve done so far. go to his website to check it out. i wrote a blog about those sessions here.

it’s been a busy summer so far. crazy. it’s been crazy. the fall will be worse. or better. however you want to look at it. busy is good. especially for a guitar player.  we usually just sit on the couch all day and eat chips.

also, my good pal Mack Brock and the boys at ELEVATION CHURCH just released a new album last month. it’s called God with Us. i have a slide guitar cameo. so.



  1. we are going to practice “how he loves us” for an upcoming men’s conference and was wondering for the slide parts are you in and open tuning?

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