the chain.

pedalsit goes like this. usually.

the dyna comp is always on. always

the tubescreamer is always on. always.

the micro pog is for octaves, both up and down. mostly up though. just sayin.

the timmy is for 2 songs w/ john mark mcmillan. who is this & dress us up.

the joyride is for everything else. to kick it up and notch, if you will.

the tap a whirl is for tremolo.

the volume pedal is for volume.

the memory man is for being awesome.

the dd20 is for delaying myself.

the rv5 is for washing me out.

the tuner is for tuning me.


One comment

  1. Hi James. I got a question for you about the Joyride.
    I know it’s off your board these days but I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with mine.
    The drive knob seems to do very little until it’s nearly cranked then with just a nudge it becomes full blown. Did you ever have this problem? Or did you use it more as a clean boost?
    Thanks man for all you do. And for taking the time to share with us and answer our silly questions. JMM is the one band my wife and I can always agree on.

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