mazzy star, how wonderfully sad you are.


i am a big fan of early nineties alternative rock. it was such an exciting time for music. i remember when Nirvana’s video for Smells Like Teen Spirit was added to MTV. It was hilarious, amazing, and right. hilarious because you’d be watching, i don’t know, a winger video and then all of the sudden kurt cobain was standing in your tv with his fender jaguar hanging from his shoulders screaming his face off. it was amazing because right then you were witnessing a changing of the guard. music was going from spandex to ripped up jeans. cheap (at the time) vintage fender guitars were the new weapon shaped, hot pink bc rich guitars. hair spray sales plummeted in favor of the ” i haven’t showered for weeks and i don’t know when i will” look. it was right because it needed to happen. it was about time.

i have lately been revisiting all the old girl rock bands from that time. bands like juliana hatfield three, the breeders, belly, the cranberries and mazzy star.

i put mazzy star  in my cd player last week and i was back in 1993. i love it when music does that. in an instant all the feelings, smells and scenery came flooding back into my memory. i can remember sitting on my bed with my stereo on the table right next to me listening to hope sandoval’s gorgeous, reverb soaked voice. i still remember the way i felt when listening to  all the dirty guitars, tamborines and loose drums spinning around my 14 year old head like a mobile. this was my music.

i am in love with the sound of this album. it sounds alive and real. it sounds like they weren’t trying so hard.  it sounds like they weren’t listening to somebody telling them who they should sound like. or look like. it sounds like they were being themselves. that’s what music should be. that’s inspiring.

it’s refreshing to go back and hear that classic fuzzy guitar sound and drums that were obviously not recorded in the digital age. there was no internet in 1993. not that i had ever seen anyways. people read books, not blogs. all i did was buy cd’s and figure out how to make more money to buy more cd’s. remember buying cd’s? actual cd’s with artwork? remember shrink wrap? i admit, i still haven’t really embraced itunes. it’s so impersonal. buying an album on itunes is like texting a best friend. it’s so impersonal. it kind of makes me sick. this is not a rant about the digital age. i’m  blogging for god’s sake. this is a rant about MUSIC. this is a rant about MAZZY STAR.

if i can encourage you to make an album purchase in these tough economic times, i suggest going back a few years and revisiting your old friends. maybe buy that album you threw away in a ridiculous religious cd burning show. or had to sell at the used record store for rent money. or, perhaps, was stolen by a thieving friend. the one you’ve been thinking about for the last year. the one that you sat in your room listening to, dreaming about life and love. go find your music.


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  1. you should see the looks i get from my kids, when i listen to music from the 90’s and i begin to “react” by dancing, and getting all mushy inside. I guess it would be like us, watching mom doing an interpretive dance to “lucy in the sky with diamonds” or something.

    it’s bad news when the cure or cranberries come on at work. i’m convinced i go into psychosis. who wants to deal with cofee snobs when “just like heaven” is on? I want to close my eyes and dance. The best times I ever had was at milk bar or einsteins in the early 90’s. You were a little young for going to einsteins….an alternative club on 1st street.
    going out dancing was different then. nobody danced with other people, they just danced to the music. man. ah, generation x…what a time.

    i really love your blog.

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