these days run away like wild horses over the hills

flannery o’connor was right.

i was in rough shape last month.

last month i couldn’t wake up. i felt like i was walking in my sleep. last month i couldn’t catch my breath. i was traveling like crazy and when i got home i couldn’t catch up. last month i was in rough shape. the autumn months are usually pretty crazy, and this year didn’t disappoint. let me stress that it was crazy. too much. it was too much. i seem to remember having an emotional break down in campbellsville, kentucky in a kitchen of a church.  it was all TOO MUCH. but hey, i’m not standing in an unemployment line. music is a job, right? right.

the weeks of september – november  went like this:













(there was more work dispersed all around those geographical locations. lot’s more)

i am usually traveling the first couple weeks of december, so i feel like i miss christmas. you know, the build up is often more fun than the actual day. so i’m home! it’s going to be nice. i can sleep in my own bed. i can play with my own kid. i can drive around town. i can be home for my anniversary (i have missed the last 2). i can see my wife.  she’s delightful. i can be home. local. don’t hassle me i’m local. i’m looking at my christmas tree because i’m home. stetson won’t even go close to it. it’s  “ha (hot), ha (hot)”, he says.

it’s good, being home.

i took some pictures while i was away. here is a scrapbook of randomness.

birmingham, alabama

uptown. charlotte, north carolina

paris, france

calgary, alberta

dublin, ireland

lexington, kentucky

the sticks, kentucky

self explanatory

i can breath now.



  1. Hey man, Caught the show in lexington and actually had a panic attack/breakdown on the way there, might have seen me washing my face looking stressed in the bathroom before the show… So i can relate… i am thankful for your art, your blog has been super inspiring and am super grateful you get to go home to a good woman… I dont know what I would do without mine. Dude i hope you have a real restful holiday and a genuine sabbath for your Christmas with your family… I am only a guy in a city in the middle of a midwest cornfield but the things you play and say feed a special place in my heart that not much else can… thanks for everything… Jason p.s. dude dont you think the riff at the beginning of JMM “breaking down” sounds like that intro off of “midway park” by whiskeytown? great song… you dont have to answer that…

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