who buys this stuff.

these are the best selling albums of the last decade.

now, if you remember, back when these came out the record industry was huge. most of these sold over a million copies in the first week. nsync and britney each sold over a million in the first day. these 10 albums have sold hundreds of millions of copies. for real. that’s insane and that is funny. i have never owned nor bought any of these albums except the beatles 1 album. and i think i bought 2 of those, thank you very much.

but somebody is buying them.

did you buy any of these?

I bought hundreds of cd’s in the last 10 years. but nsync, creed, eminem, and britney spears weren’t any of those. i was busy buying U2 imports i guess. and good music. sha. just kidding. i actually liked nsync. or their singles anyways. they were catchy. real profesh.

anyways. i thought that was funny and weird and interesting.


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