oh hey.

i’m out on tour with john mark mcmillan again. we are opening up for shane & shane.

here’s the schedule:

stillwater, oklahoma

fayette, missouri

broadview heights, ohio

warsaw, indiana (today)

dunn, nc

statesboro, ga

dublin, ga

charleston, sc

valdosta, ga

knoxville, tn

watkinsville, ga

marietta, ga

being on tour is crazy. one nice thing is that we are on a bus and we can sleep and not drive.  if i could sleep.  i can’t though. i end up staying up until 4:00 a.m. and then get in the bunk and toss and turn for a couple hours then i get up and drink coffee. i can’t sleep when i travel. which is cool since i travel for a living. right?

i also don’t really feel well. allergies. pollen. and there is a (three legged) dog on the bus. i’m allergic to dogs. neat. i also took some daytime advil cold and sinus so i feel all crazy. daytime medicine has the opposite affect on me. so i could fall asleep at any moment. i feel drowsy and tingly. which i actually love.

i miss my wife so bad today.

i was setting up the merch today and this girl walked up to me and started shoo-ing me away like i was a dog. i just stared at her and she looked at me, turned around, walked away and muttered “sorry” under her breath. that was sort of fun.




  1. I love your guitar work. Amazing. I also can relate to your dog and pollen allergies. If you haven’t discovered the “neti pot” or “sinus water pitcher thingy” you should. It can be a little awkward and messy but when you get the hang of it it’s a HUGE relief. I suggest taking a nasal decongestant of some sort first. As soon as you sense you are able to breathe through your nose, go use the neti pot. Wait til you can breathe through both nostrils though, that way the water can do it’s job and “cleanse your sinuses” of the crap thats making you feel bad. It’s really gross but it gets all of that pollen and pet dander out of your nasal passages. Hope you feel better dude.

  2. So I am in the twilight of my youth….
    Not that I’m going to remember…

    Does anybody wanna take me home? ..Ryan Adams

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