apology not accepted and/or my leg hurts.

last friday we had a lovely show in indiana. after the show i proceeded with my normal routine of selling merch, packing up merch, packing up my gear and pushing it out to the bus.  i was minding my own business, weaving my cases between the huge cases waiting to be put in the trailer. i was in the middle of moving a case out of my way, while still holding onto my stuff. i began to get a weird feeling in my gut. something wasn’t right. it was all getting a little too complicated. i was stuck. but i wasn’t giving up. as i was trying to push a case out of my way that was about the size of a small refrigerator i felt the worst, most crushing pain come down on the back of my right leg.

i screamed. i did. i screamed. this guy behind me had pushed the sound board over on my leg.

it hurt so bad. IT HURT SO BAD. i knew my ankle had just been ruined. broken. tendons torn. something was bad wrong. as i was walking around in a panic of circles i was thinking to myself, “apologize. oh my god this hurts. somebody better apologize. wow. can you walk on a broken ankle. apologize.” nobody was apologizing. THEN i hear somebody say, “yeah… man… yeah dude just walk it off.”

walk it off.

walk it off? WALK IT OFF!!!???

i actually wanted to hurt that guy. and if i could have walked, i would have.

so i just sort of hobble over to some steps and sit down and try to inspect my leg. i knew it wasn’t broken, but i was assuming it had torn a tendon or something. it hurt so bad. so then somebody walks over to the perp and says “good going”. and that little… blessing says “it wasn’t MYYYY fault”. i guess that’s why he didn’t feel he needed to apologize or ask if i was ok. it wasn’t his fault so screw james duke and his right leg. i shouldn’t have been in his way. he wanted to push that damn case over and it was actually my fault that my calf stopped the case from slamming on the ground. i’m the jackass. i’m the fool standing on the shoestrings of progress. my bad. i wanted to run over to him and bury my foot in the side of his knee and when he was screaming in pain from the broken limb, calmly say, “oh man… yeah bro… walk it off”. but i couldn’t because i was unable to walk because he dropped a road case on me.

so i can’t walk on it without wanting to die. i can barely even breath it hurts so bad. the next morning it hurts less but is way more swollen. that lasts for a few days and on wednesday morning my mother in law saw it and thought we might should get it an x ray. we do and it’s not broken. which made me feel better. but it’s friday and my foot looks worse.

swollen. i have a cankle. bruised. my heal has a black and purple bruise all around it. cut. there is a huge gash on my calf. and it hurts to walk.

but the thing that hurts the worst is that the guy never apologized.



  1. Bogus.
    Something about people who are oblivious and can’t take responsibility erks me. It’s the ‘justice’ button. That guy should pay some price for his ignorance.

    Praying for your ankle to heal, bro.

  2. Ouch!
    Can’t even “walk it off” with your foot like this! It must hurt every step of the way, which makes it even harder to “forgive and forget” and “walk away” from it!
    Praying for you, man!

  3. Mr. James…this is some salty biz…

    I am from the great state of Indiana, so I will propose a bit of humor, at least to try and lift your spirits…
    When I was reading this post and pondered it for a moment, I thought about another guitar player who is endearing to me. His name is Colin Cripps….and that lucky fella is married to Ms. Kathleen Edwards, as you know she is from Ontario, and is a big hockey fan( I mean hey who isn’t?) Anyways I was just thinking about how he probably get’s his ass kicked around all the time… And that was funny to me.

    So, I am terribly sorry that you may have earned yourself a short unintentional B.B. King status…
    Look on the bright side, you could use this opportunity to get better acquainted with that nice Gibson lap steel of yours…who knows maybe some good may come of it!

    1. colin cripps is the freaking man. i didn’t really understand the response but props on the kathleen edwards mention.

  4. ah! the best notes yet. it does suck about the lack of common decency, but beauty from ashes (time to drag the lake of Lanois) pull out the lap steel and let your leg heal under the weight of its wet tones. :))

  5. hi james-

    i was wondering what your delay setting is for the song “dress us up” i think i got the notes down and the picking pattern but whats the delay setting, and are you using the DMM or DD20?


    1. hi zac.
      for dress us up, i’m using the DD20. i have it on the dotted 8th setting. and i have the effect signal and feedback turned up pretty high. that’s pretty much it. on the record it has a ton of guitars stacked. 6 string and 12 string guitars. that’s why it sounds so huge. live i just play one guitar. because i that’s all i can play at one time. i’m a little limited by the number of hands and arms i have. you know.

  6. Hey man! could you tell me which are your reverse settings ?? especially the one u used for “For the Morning”. thank you so much =)

  7. ouuch that looks bad …. cant believe he never apologized….

    same happend to mee roadcase fall on my foot …

  8. Hate all the pain that came from the ankle-incident. That dude probably has a lot of “growing-up” issues and that’s why he either needed the foot in the side of his knee or a severe “Board-of-Education” meeting.
    Missing you in Wilkes. Blessings!

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