oh wow oh hey

hey guys.

creation east festival. it was a good time, except for all the stuff that went wrong. like, you know, the ladies with the stop watches telling us we had 5 minutes left when we really had 15.  other than that it was great.

here’s my best friend, stetson james duke. we’ve been building with these mega blocks a lot. every day. we are really good at it now. the best. we are the best mega block designers on the scene today. i bet we could build anything if we had enough blocks.

my new pedal board from motley customs. it’s incredible. check out their article about my setup here

it’s been really great having a board set up professionally. top quality cables and power. i actually look a little pro now i think. maybe.

it’s amazing the work travis does. you should get in touch with him and let him make your pedal board super legit.

that’s my bro. jon duke. we play in a band together now. it’s a d.c.t.

jon will be moving to charlotte in a couple weeks and i am really excited. i love my brother a lot. we haven’t lived in the same city for close to 10 years. so it’s going to be really fun and great and wild and dancer.

this is minnesota. minnesota is blurry.

we played there at the higher ground festival . we landed in the middle of a tornado alert. this nice lady picks us up in an airport shuttle (deathtrap) style bus. no seat belts. lee hates not having seat belts. so it starts raining and hailing and lightning and all of the things that go along with an F5 tornado. and the bus is being pushed and shoved along this little country road. and the lady driver is really sweet and very forthright in her level of expertise driving this casket i mean shuttle bus. this was her first time. this was her first time and we were scared. well, we make it to the hotel in one piece until she crashes into the overhang of the hotel entrance. then the cops come. and the manager is making us stay in the hallway of the hotel because oh yeah there is a tornado out there. and it’s hot in the hallway.  and we are sweating and there are kids running around in their bathing suits and having the time of their lives because they don’t know we are all about to die. and the cop is still outside in the rain with our driver and the hotel manager and we are hungry but there is nowhere to go for food because there is a twister outside. then we played at the festival and it was fun. the end.

it’s been a crazy last couple of months. the couple of months before that were crazy too. i think my life just going to be busy now. i was telling jacki the other night that i think i’m just going to have to work my  *** off for the next ten years. i’ve never really wanted to think much about the future because my job is traveling and traveling is a very daunting undertaking for me. i really hate leaving my family so i just take it one trip at a time. but  i am going to work really hard and see if i can get rich or something. collect bentleys. i’ll collect bentleys. i’ll collect bentleys and pocket watches. then when i pull up in a bentley and people start to judge me as a shallow, undeserving brat  i will step out and check the time on my pocket watch and the critics will be silenced by my good taste, obvious old money roots and vintage sensibilities.




  1. hooray for the boss dd-20

    i have a question: when using a slide, how often do you use your volume pedal to mute the sound? you make ridiculously smooth transitions from string to string and whatnot. i know you’re an excellent slide player, but i thought you may be using the volume pedal to help out a little bit.

    1. hey tanner. i do use a volume pedal but not for moving from string to string. i play slide w/ my fingers and i’m muting all the strings i’m not using. that helps out a lot with that kind of stuff.

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