traveling is work and going home is a holiday.

my life is backwards. my life is weird.

i’m home for a 5 day break in the middle of a month-long tour. i was talking to JM today and was telling him i didn’t realize how tired i was until i got home. i don’t sleep well on a bus. i think there was two nights out of 2 weeks where i felt like i slept even a little bit. i hear people getting in and out of their bunks and opening and closing the doors and i feel like i am missing something. there might be people having fun without me. and i toss and turn and wake up and think we are running off the road. i can’t explain the terror of being startled awake in a small, dark bunk and feeling the rumble strips and feeling like you are running off the road and/or off of a cliff. there was one night that jon and i were texting each other our goodbyes. anyways, i can’t sleep while i’m away. it’s been a pretty fun tour though. we’re traveling in a really nice bus. we don’t have  to drive. at all. walking up and finding little pieces of flourescent tape with arrows and instructions scribbled on them leading you to catering or the bathroom. or showers.  you shower when you can on the road. sometimes it’s in a hotel room. sometimes it’s prison rules and you are in a huge locker room. you can’t always be choosy. you shower when you can on the road. it’s been great getting to know jeremy camp and his band. they are great guys.

so anyways. we are heading back out in the morning for the second half of the tour.




  1. awesome meeting you guys in nashville. stoked to hear you guys are going back in the studio soon. been soaking in the atbl record. thanks for bein’ cool.

  2. Hi James,
    love your blog. Found it a few days ago and read all articles. Am a German Guitarist and relly interested in your music and thoughts

  3. Hello James!
    My name is Miranda Givaldo Pastana.
    I’m a musician (guitarist and composer scholar). I live in Brazil (Pará).
    Some years ago I heard a CD called “Sound of Rain” … I heed the guitar sound of this cd …. a very unique style.
    Later I learned that the name of the album was guitarist James Duke, son of Pastor Dan Duke who I met at a meeting of fire and glory in Sao Luis do Maranhao, where he also met three great friends: Evan Fabian, pastor Joaquim grandson and drummer Joachim (who played with his brother Cyril Antonio).
    Well, to writing to say that I’m a music lover, regardless of style. I believe God created music and created us to use them at will:)

    My brother, I hope to one day meet you to exchange ideas sound.
    Stay with God! Until one day.

    Miranda Givaldo Pastana
    Musician / music producer / cultural researcher.

    ps: Sorry if you’re not the son of James Duke pastor friend Dan, ok? 🙂

    Add me on msn so we can talk:

      1. Cool James!
        Is expected to come to Brazil?
        Your son is gorgeous face! I have four children: Gabriel, Daniel, Michael and Maria Luisa.
        Wish you could inform me about his discography and cds that participated and how to buy them, as I appreciate his style of guitar playing.
        My brother is with God.

        Givaldo Pastana.

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