board/bored updates

hey y’all.

i’ve made some changes to my pedal board so i thought i’d share with you guys.

i thought i’d take this angle so you have to tilt your head. you’re welcome.

i added a JHS MORNING GLORY to my setup. it’s a really great, low gain overdrive pedal. i’m really happy with it. i’ve been using it live w/ john mark mcmillan a lot.

i also have the JHS  MINI FOOT FUZZ , and LITTLE BLACK BUFFER. all amazing pedals. i still can’t believe the difference the buffer makes.

i also added a STRYMON BLUE SKY REVERERATOR.  i’m still trying it out. it’s hard to beat the boss rv5 modulated setting. so we will see if it makes the cut. i suppose i could just use both…

still using the DD20 and MEMORY MAN. i had to buy a back up memory man, which i didn’t enjoy, because they break so much. but while one works i send the other off to my buddy Dan Burgess at this1smyne effects and he fixes it up and gets it working again.

still have my trusty TUBESCREAMER. the TIMMY still works great. there’s a CUSACK TAP A WHIRL  over there too. and a MICRO POG.

the board is wired up by mr travis motley at MOTLEY CUSTOMS

that’s it i think. maybe.




  1. Cool setup, I like it that the Volpedal is right in the middle between the boosts and he delays.
    Why did you get rid of the joyride?

  2. hey man that looks real sick and i was wondering how you had your signal chain from guitar to amp? I hope you guys can come and play in Alaska. I would love to hear you live and get one of your records.

  3. His pedals were very well organized, who rode on you or when buying the pedaltrain they pose, and how much it cost …. thanks …

  4. What settings to you use on your JHS modded compression pedal? I’m looking into getting a compression pedal, and the MXR is definitely budget-friendly. I’m just not exactly sure how to use it best.

    1. i use it more like a clean boost. the output is at 3 o’clock and the sensitivity at 7 o’clock. honestly, i don’t even know how much i need it anymore with the buffer.

  5. Hey James,
    This really has been killing me for a while, but what kind of slide do you use? You get such a crisp tone and it sounds wonderful.

  6. this setup looks great, just the way that’s displayed is beautiful, I can imagine the unique tones and colors produced by those toys. I have a Tubescreamer copy built on a sardine can, it’s pretty cool.haha.

    keep on rockin’.

  7. Do you notice a difference in how well your tuner reads since it is closer to the end of your chain vs at the beginning. I’ve never seen anyone put a tuner at the end. Was there a specific reason for placing it there in your chain?
    Keep Rockin! I love the stuff you play with John Mark!

    1. it reads great. i have always heard it’s better to have it at the end. so that’s what i’m sticking with. there’s more qualified people that can explain it better. plus it mutes your whole sig. so you can also use it as an effect if you want.

  8. Man I love this set up! I went round and round on looper or buffer. I went with the looper. But I LOVE this board! My real question is how are you powering the extra pedals? I mean the PedalPower only gets up to 8? What about the other 2?
    So stoked for the new JMM! Thanks for the pics.

  9. I know a lot of people talk about modulated on the blue sky Vs the RV-5, and I know the RV-5 is hard to beat, and different sounding from the blue sky, but here’s a nice setting I got on the blue sky, I think tonal it does sound very similar to how you had the RV-5 set on this particular song:

    I’d be interested on your thoughts once you gather them on the two units.

  10. Hey James.
    Where would you reccomend putting your volume pedal in your pedal chain?
    I’ve heard before or after your overdrives.
    Just wanted to hear your thoughts on it.

    1. Hey Brady,
      I know I’m not James, sorry. But I did see your comment about the volume pedal placement. I just found a sweet website, a guy named Dan can make a Flip Flop pedal that basically gives you the option of having your drives before or after your volume at the stomp of your foot. I’ve been looking for something like this. I just ordered one of these pedals. Why choose when you can have both? 🙂 Sorry for butting in, just thought I’d let you know about this.

      1. i have mine right in the middle. after my drives and before my delays. that way when i swell in and out i don’t get the hiss from the drives.

    1. i’ve heard it’s really nice. a bunch of my friends have it. i haven’t tried it yet. i usually don’t like the big fancy delays. too clean. but again, i haven’t heard it.

  11. Hey, I have a couple of questions!

    First, how wet do you set the RV5, and when stacking the Morning Glory and TS, which do you put first? You have incredible tone sir.


    1. thanks seth. i am constantly turning the knobs on the rv5. so it’s always different. i have the tubescreamer first in the chain.

  12. Hi James, nice to see your setup, I’m from Brazil, and have some doubts
    You said that you bought a “backup memory man”, Is it a memory MAN or that memory boy deluxe that we see in other photos from your blog?
    What did you think about de Deluxe Memory Boy? And de new Deluxe Memory Man? (The DMM XO)
    Thank you!

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