let’s make a john mark mcmillan record

so today we started working on the new john mark mcmillan album. i took some dumb photos. anyways, we spent the majority of the day arranging a song and tracking some scratch tracks. i played a jerry jones mando guitar all day. which was…

anyways. i’ll be updating you people every day (probably/maybe) and leaving you some photos and videos and then…



  1. God bless the recording of you …
    I see that you also use the RV5 in its preference that you’d be the RV5 or bluesky. thanks …

  2. Great news!!

    Hey James, can I make a request? Since you won’t be braving the treacherous road during this time, but rather enjoying the confines of a cushy studio, could you please try to indulge us with some more posts?

    We’d all love to live vicariously through you in the studio by hearing what you’re up to… and pics are always nice!

    Best of luck making beautiful sounds.

    1. Read his blog. He covers this pretty extensively. Or just refer to the pictures. There are numerous pics of his guitars, pedals and amps.

  3. Hey james! Some daily post would be awesome!! definately try and do some videos of the guitars/amps/effects your using……but really whatever you feel like posting is cool. I enjoy your blog!!

  4. do you think you could post a pic of John Mark’s pedal board too? And thanks for the info on the little black buffer. i just got one and it really makes a huge difference. Thanks again man.

  5. Thanks for the awesome gear shots. You still using the goodsell and the matchless? And how do you like the morning glory?

      1. oh. well. you know, i just figured since all i other favorites are getting them. even though i had my eyes on one first. why not you. will you share what it is? or do i have to wait.

  6. Love the pics and updates! Good stuff.

    What’s this about a new amp? If you want to get rid of that crummy old Matchless, send it to me!

  7. Those are some mighty fine looking pedals. Even some JHS pedals I see (obvious in picture #1) Do you think you could maybe list out your board at some point, that’d be awesome.

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