hey guys.

my hard drive died. i think i lost everything. awesome. ptl. merry christmas to me.

anyways. sorry i didn’t keep up with updates. i had no time once i picked up my guitar. i’ll post some pics, the ones that i didn’t lose, when i get a minute. we made some pretty great sounds. can’t wait for you to hear it.

as for guitars, we used about 15 different ones. my usual revelator strat, tele and gretsch were there. but new to my family is a lovely ’66 fender mustang. it’s really great. sounds amazing and plays fantastic. i also played a jerry jones shorty mando guitar. a gretsch tennesee rose and silver jet, fender esquire, jerry jones baritone… all sorts of stuff.

i got a new amp just in time for the sessions too. it’s a clone of a trainwreck rocket. it’s a cool amp. still learning how to use it but i think it’s gonna work great. JM used it a lot too. i recorded a lot of stereo guitars. usually using the matchless and either the trainwreck or a little ’60’s gretsch amp i have. it’s a great sound.





  1. Sorry to hear about the hard drive. Hopefully you can take it to a computer repair shop and retain your data.

    Can’t wait to see pics from your sessions – especially the new (or not so new) ’66 Mustang and Trainwreck.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! Hope you have some fun things planned with Stetson.

  2. Soooo jealous of the Fender mustang! Lucky! I’ve recently discovered that guitar and have been drooling ever since! Pics please!

  3. I so appreciate the effort that you and the whole JMM band put into making some seriously well-thought out music. I’ll be counting down the days until this next album comes out for the world’s listening pleasure!

    Keep it up!!!

  4. There’s an unbelievable Mac recovery place here in Tampa that’s world renowned. It’s called screwbox solutions. If you’d like to get it there let me know. I had a major hard drive crash earlier this year. I took it in and walked out with all my data restored on a new hardrive for $200.

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