practice practice practice

so ATBL is going on tour w/ JMM. it’s cool. it’s crazy. it’s scary. it’s gonna be great. i’m real excited and scared and nervous. it’s daunting enough doing the new JM tour. adding myself as the opening band is a whole different animal. oh, and i’m having a baby in the middle of the tour. crazy days i live in.

so i’ve been having to go back and dissect what i’m doing on the ATBL album. i realized in the first rehearsal that, although i know the music, i don’t KNOW the music. so i start doing my homework today. stetson was at mothers morning out for the morning and jacki was at work so i drug my amps and pedals and guitars into the dining room and went at it. it was a good morning. i’ll need a few more like it. but it’s gonna be good. it’s gonna be great.



  1. so.. are you going stereo or just A/B-ing yo business? I cant wait for you guys to come to Greenville in March and for the new spooky sounding jmm record. thxbye

  2. I’m excited to see u in Atlanta and congratulations on the baby. My wife and I are having a baby boy too. Who is due May 15th. It’s our first.

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