tour starts tomorrow.

it’s all happening. the John Mark McMillan spring tour with special guests, All The Bright Lights, will be frolicking through the southeast, midwest and northeast for the next month. so come on out.

click here for dates

anyways. it’s stressful being the opening band and the JMM band and having a baby in 3 weeks and touring all over. i’ve been pretty crazy in the head lately. i’ll gladly accept prayers. prayers and money. prayers, money, diapers, picks, amps, boots, les pauls, sleeping pills, delay pedals, jeans, wine, fire and prayers… you know. if you feel like sowing into my ministry.

i also want to thank D’addario and Planet Waves and JHS Pedals and Motley Customs for helping me get ready for the tour. Good companies. Good people.

see you on tour?




  1. appreciate your stuff, and in all the bands you play in, ju,jm,dh,atlb. but I won’t mind if you slow down a little, if you can. blessings.

  2. hey James! just wanted to say LOVE your playing! your amazin man! i was wondering how long it took you to get where ya are now! i want to be a worship leader someday and was wondering how you came about in the music scene and how ya got your start! i know ya prob wont but if ya wanna tell me about it give me some advice my email is
    btw im seeing JMM april 13th! i so hope i can talk to you and john! but everyone wants to sadly haha..praying for you man! i hope your life calms down a bit! good luck with the child on the way! God bless

  3. My name is Daniel, is Brazilian! e my English is very bad and ugly! I am trying to say you who you have renewed me very, and that I very admire very exactly the work of John and its, of the entire band (the ministry)! I wait that one day this blessed ministry comes to the northeast of Brazil, in special, the state of Pernambuco!

  4. You have quite a following in Wyoming!! (You know the big state under Montana and above Colorado) We play JMM songs at our church all the time. You all should come here. It would be worth it! At least for us:)

  5. That photo kills. I can spot your board a mile away: comp, TS, volume pdeal in the middle, memory man top left. Ha.

    More pics plz.

  6. Looking forward to seeing you live in Philly. Thanks for posting your gear list. It’s easier than watching youtube videos over and over…really like your sound on most of the stuff I’ve heard. DD5!



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