waking up

so i’ve been away for a while. i’ve had some things to say but without the energy to say it.

i still don’t.

but i have some photos.

Stella Maeve Duke, March 28, 2011

it’s been a little silly, my life lately. my life is crazy most of the time. having a baby in the middle of a tour was an interesting undertaking. but having her here is an amazing thing. we have had a hard couple of years and stella is the promise. she is the grace that keeps me from falling to pieces. the light at the end of the tunnel. the star shining through a cloudy night sky. my wife has had her hands full. recovering from a c section, chasing a crazy stetson around and having a newborn. and putting up with me being a zombie. she’s quite a rock and i am a lost, pathetic, defenseless man without her.

i love you jacquelyn.

thankyou to all the friends, fans, well wishers and curious ones that came out to the JMM/ATBL tour. it was a really amazing experience and mind blowing that people came out in such a wonderful fashion. it was a stretch for me being the opening band and a welcome challenge to a sometimes too comfortable situation. i was nervous and i loved it. you guys were great to listen so attentively. we weren’t fooling ourselves thinking people cared about the opener. we don’t usually either. so it was a nice challenge to try to play our hearts out so strong and keep the peoples attention.

the ATBL setlist was:

I Saw You Running

Chest Of Drawers

The Door

The One That Gave It All

                                                    Wilora Lake (cut after the Raleigh Show)


we cut Wilora Lake after the 2nd show in favor of extending some songs. we wanted to be able to stretch out our wings a bit.

The JMM sets were great. We played a few new songs like, We Have Seen A Darkness, Sheet Of Night, Like A Lion, Murdered Son and Daylight. they will all be on the new record called “Economy”.

and there will be a new ATBL record this year.




  1. Dude, I always love your posts. So honest and transparent; the way it should be. I always look forward to reading them. Keep it up. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Have you ever considered producing guitar DVD lessons for the worship environment? I have come across way to many sites that don’t offer the sound and style I am looking for. I find your style and tone awesome!!! Keep rockin’ James!

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