bored/board changes


i’ve changed a little. so i thought i’d make note of it.

my TS9 is dead. i think. so i got a Hand Wired Ibanez TS808. i like it. i might fix my ts9 and use that too.

i am, for the moment, using the new, and already discontinued i believe, EH Deluxe Memory Man w/ Tap Tempo. It rules. so strong. my old Memory Man pedals just won’t hold up on the road. no matter what i do. it pretty much sounds the exact same as the original and it’s smaller and more durable. i think. hopefully. aside from the tap tempo, which is perfect, you can choose subdivisions. you can also use an expression pedal on it to control any of the knobs. it also has an effects loop and you can use  a separate tap if you want. i added a couple little mini expression pedals to the board to use with the memory man.

i also went to a PT3 pedalboard.

i’m gonna put my DD5 back on as well.

the tour is going great and is almost done PTL




  1. If you had to use one tap tempo delay pedal would you do with the dd or the memory man tap.. I am using a carbon copy analogue delay and going to add a tap delay too on top what would you recommend?

  2. Very clean.

    Hey James I hate to add to the ever mounting gear questions you get because I can tell you never really intended this blog for that; but I do have one question I was hoping you could entertain on the never-ending subject.

    I play in a folk/indie/worship called Preson Phillips and recently have been back on the amp market after being a long time Vox user. Seeing you play live with JMM/ATBL and mutual gear head Andy Othling play Matchless this past year or so, more specifically the Chieftain has impressed my ears.

    As I’m sure you know Matchless amps don’t pop up too often and I believe you two are the only two people I have feasible or plausible connection with to ask about them. We were able to use a Clubman 35 on the newest record we just released and I loved it, but very much the same flavor as my Heritage ac30’s. I’ve read just about every shred of literature and watched every video regarding the Chieftain and love the clean, but have heard things that make me leery of the reverb and driving the amp.

    The tone that you and John had when I saw you last was phenomenal, but I must say I was more concerned with the worship happening all around me versus stalking both of your setups.

    To make the long story above short, what’s your opinion of the company/amp/reliability on the road/and most importantly to me the drive and push of the amp and if it’s suitable for a mild crunch you see out of say the Avalon 30.

    Thanks in advance for response, and belated appreciation of the worship Economy and the new ATBL tunes are bringing into my life

    Grace & Peace,
    Ashton Jarrett Bjaranson

    1. i’ve never really had a problem with my amp. it’s great. i have it set clean. the drive you can get out of a cheiftain isn’t my favorite.

  3. Man, I saw you play at Ram’s head in Baltimore…and just when I think i’ve gotten my guitar rig sounding good i hear yours and totally want get rid of my sparkle drive fulldrive and jekyll and hyde and get a timmy, joyride and morning glory!! What’s the secret behind the guitar sound on the intro of “skeleton bones”?

  4. I’m having trouble making out two of the pedals. Whats the gray two button pedal to the left of the tubescreamer? And the red two knob pedal in the top right corner? Thanks

  5. Hey man I have a Timmy coming in the mail! Should be here next month. My Ibanez TS808 broke when I was using it at church on Sunday. I loved the sound of it but I didn’t like the square footswitch or the LED. What’s a good tubescreamer to look into to replace it? There are so many of them. I’ve heard great things about the Cmatmods Signa Drive, Cusack Screamer, and Mad Professor LGW. Does the Hand Wired 808 beat all of those? What would you suggest? Thanks!

    1. i don’t have any experience with those other pedals. i like the handwired tubescreamer, but wouldn’t recommend dropping all that cash on it, necessarily. look for a used one if you are serious about getting one. i still love stock ts9’s a lot.

  6. Mr. Duke, I am in love with Matchless amps, but they are just out of my budget. I am somewhat interested in the Vox AC30, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations on tube amps. I am switching from a Line 6 with Bogner tubes and I am just not satisfied with the sounds I am getting. Let me know if you have anything in mind. Thanks. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. i recommend trying everything you can within your budget and picking the one that you dig the most. a lot of people love the fender hot rod amps. i’ve used those a lot and am usually happy with them.

  7. Just wondering where your compressor levels are usually set? I’m trying to find a good setting to smooth out my tone for slide stuff. Thanks James!

  8. If you like stacking low gain drives like I think you do, look into the Klon Centaur pedals. Very subtle, very low gain, true bypass, and its really simple. You could snag one on eBay for anywhere between 600 to 1600, but I called up the guy who makes them and said he’s going to release another batch soon, about $279 a pop. Knowing your style, you might like them.

  9. on the song “Who is This”, what effects are you using to create that swooshing/wind like sound when you are coming off the solo part and into the verse? I’ve been doing everything I can to create that sound and i’ve had no luck so far. Hope you can help me out on this one.

  10. Hey friend, just want you to thank you for providing such wonderful sounds with his guitar and pedals, and say that to me is a pleasure to have met you, God bless you always his hands. peace

  11. Hey man! What do u use for gain stages? Like is one of ur drives for light then one for full or what? Do u stack drive pedals?
    Also do u leave ur compressor on all the time?
    One more.. Whats so special about the memory man? Does it sound magical with swells or what?


  12. Hey, since you use the morning glory and a TS-808, would you recommend the JHS Double Barrel? And what order are you running your drives in on your signal chain? Thanks!

    1. no they are both so different. i like them both. it depends on what i’m doing. when i am out w/ JMM i have to have certain pedals and the MG is one of them.

  13. Would you ever leave home without a TS of some kind? I’ve got a double barrel and a Timmy, and I’m wondering if I should scrap the DB, get just a Morning glory and make some space for something else. Don’t use the TS side that much, but scared to get rid of it haha.

    Also, if you’ve never tried out a Caroline Guitar Co. Icarus boost, check it out, its the best.

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