may 21, 2012


so i’m home and hanging around. we had stetson’s 4th birthday party yesterday. i have a 4 year old. technically his birthday is on the 27th, but i’m leaving for brazil on wednesday so we had the party early. we rented a bounce house. so…

i’ve been doing some musical things. i played guitar on the upcoming elevation worship album. it was fun getting to do that. i’ve played with them at church for years now and have played a little on the previous records, but this was the first time where i played on just about every song. good guys, those elevation people.

jon, jacob and i are scheming to get the new all the bright lights record finished. we have some good opportunities in front of us and we are excited to see how the songs turn out. as you probably don’t know, we recorded for a week in february. we had some stuff written before hand, but we basically just played together and wrote all in the room together. we never even got to the pre-written stuff. so we are going to try to wrap up the next record soon. we are excited about it.

jon moved back to jacksonville a couple of weeks ago. while i don’t like not living in the same city, i’m glad for him and his family.  i think it will actually make us more productive.

i’m going to brazil on wednesday.

see ya.



  1. You first self titled album of atbl is such blessing to hear. I can’t wait for the next. Please think Orlando next time you guys tour. Starbucks is on me.

  2. Hey, James! Bless you, I cant imagine how hard playing music for a living is – you’re living the dream! Praying for safety, peace. Much Love!

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