i am back home now. 3 week tour. coast to coast, man. coast to coast! it was a good tour and it was a fun tour. i got to meet a lot of nice people. i think i only met one rude person. maybe two. the rest were all cool.

so the new ALL THE BRIGHT LIGHTS record is done! it’s called The Wind and The Waves. it will be out in november, god willing. it’s a pretty special record and i am quite pleased with it. i will post some artwork and a track listing soon!

when i was out in california i got to meet and hang out with john and george from bad cat amplifiers. they are really cool and really smart. way smarter than i realized anyone could be i think. i went to their factory and played a bunch of amps and got to tour the whole place. they do amazing work. great people, those bad cat guys.

i also got to hang out with frodo and jeffrey kunde. it was a grand reunion.



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