we played a show last weeked with our friends Public Radio and Vess. thanks to everybody that came out. we played some new songs. we played some old songs.

here’s the setlist:

The Wind and The Waves
The One That Gave It All
Chest of Drawers
The Door
Wilora Lake
For The Morning
Still Beating
Versus the Dark

it was fun.

we are still figuring out when the new record will be out. hopefully soon! thanks for waiting.

merry christmas.



  1. Hey man, congrats wish I’d been there. So did you use Stella for the show? If so, how did she hold?

    Merry Christmas to you and the band.

  2. I wept during your set. I felt so filled up and rejuvenated. I wanted to talk to you guys afterwords but didn’t feel it was the right place. Thank you. One day I’ll talk to you about stuff, maybe. Bless you and your families. And thanks again.

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