my name is james duke and this is where i write about my life. i am a husband, father, son and a brother. i am a musician. i am a quiet one.



  1. Hey dude,

    Can you tell me more about the divided by 13 joyride pedal? I am looking into getting one. I’ve tried so many overdrives and what not and was looking for that would sound full and round.


  2. Hi –
    I have ur album, someone lent it to me and i want to buy it, but i live in england. can i buy mp3 direct from you? i don’t want to buy on itunes coz i know u’ll only get like $1 for it!
    love the tracks!

  3. Hey, James.

    I’m a big fan of seeing everything you’re doing on the blog and, a guitarist for some various people myself, I was wondering how you got into all this. I’ve seen you help out with Elevation Church and Jason Upton and it seems like you’re kinda everywhere.

    Any tips for a fellow guitarist who’s looking to do some work with artists?

    My email’s timweaverpa@gmail.com



  4. James,
    Huge fan of your music with All The Bright Lights! I love every track… they are super powerful! I am looking to use some of the tracks for some video work for a non-profit organization. I was wondering if you could e-mail me and we could talk a little more about it.

    My email: bkeckh@gmail.com

    Brandon Eckhardt

  5. hey man, i have been playing around with slide here and there in my worship band at church. and i was just wondering how often you use alternate tunings or if you just play standard.

  6. hello(: I am a student at Elevation. I go to the Matthews Campus and I have been going to elevation for almost 4 years now. You are my favorite Elevation band member. I love your playing style! I take lessons from Lance Gatch for guitar and you are a huge inspiration for me.

  7. Hey James I come here no to talk about pedal nor guitar crap, I just want to thank you for being so cool, your style is so gnarling that my vocal chords want a glass slide that could play them. Not only thank you but also thank God for your life man, you really inspire people with your kicks.

  8. Hey James,
    Performed with Dan “the cool pedal-building man” this weekend, and he was telling me about All The Bright Lights. I finally got to take a listen. I dig the tunes. Sweet ear candy. And I always love reading your thoughts. You are at least as much a minimalist as I am (ie. focus on using what you got rather than searching for what you’re not, as I would say). Very cool. Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out… and if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to listen to your tunes. 🙂 Keep on rocking, always!
    – Joe

  9. Hey man idk when or if you would reply to this but I have a quick question… I run a dd-20 and love it. How often are you using it on your songs with JM and or ATBL? and what are your go to settings for it?

  10. James,
    Just curious, how do you pull off all the parts live for your ATBL stuff? Do you use a looper, or are they triggered via computer, or something else magical? I really, really, am a fan of your style and humility. Keep it up.


  11. Hey Duke! I’ve seen that you have used a couple of different compression pedals, like the walrus deep six and jhs mod dyna comp. I just wanted to know which one you would recommend.

    1. hi. it depends on what you are looking for. i’d say the walrus audio deep six is the more versatile compressor.

  12. Hi James, if you had to choose between your morning glory or voyager which would it be. I’m trying to decide between the two and I really dig them both but unfortunately I can only afford one. Cheers


  13. James,
    I absolutely love ATBL and JMM. Your work and your tone is awesome. Tell me, where can I find one of those Matchless amps? Price range?

  14. James, thanks for filling me in on your gear man, I’ve been building a sound and a guitar around that work you do with JMM, and I love all the attention to detail you give with your stuff. It’s great brother, keep playing and jamming for Christ.

  15. Hi James. Yours music is awesome. I would like you to come to Poland with John. Talk with Him. : )
    Ps. Who is your music influences ? : )

  16. Hey James. First just wanted to thank you for the great music that you’re putting out there. It’s a real inspiration for guitar players like myself. Second, I wanted to talk about gear! I saw somewhere on here a rundown of your pedalboard. I had a couple of question:
    1) You said you run your Tubescreamer and Comp on all the time, why is that? Do you control your dirt with your volume knob? Is the comp before or after your dirt?
    2) I notice you’ve used a few different volume pedals over the years. What’s your favorite and why?

    1. i control the dirt with the gain on the tubescreamer. i don’t know why i keep my comp on all the time. i just always have. no other reason really.

  17. Hey James, I’ve made some pedals I’d love for you to try out/critique. Shoot me a message if you’re interested & I’ll get them sent out.

  18. Hey James,
    I noticed on your pedalboard you have a few different overdrives (jhs morning glory, walrus voyager, and TS). Would you mind describing how you use each of these? Are any used just as a boost? Thanks from an aspiring guitar player!

  19. I second that. I’m very intrigued by both JHS Morning Glory that suggested to me by a good friend of mine, who is not only a incredible guitar player, but-in your terms-my guitar ‘consultant’. We’ve been working together now, and I’m chasing a tone that I’ve been slowly developing for a while, and I the love style you bring through your pedal work. Now, I’m choosing between either, the JHS Morning Glory, or the ‘Full-tone Full-drive’ pedal. The Full-tone gives a nice strong, and punchy sound that I really like, but I would like to know how it has helped you! Thanks! -Braidan

  20. Hi, this I’m Greyson Webb and I live in Southwest Kansas. Im the primary drummer at Cornerstone Church in Garden City, KS, but lately I’ve been playing alot of guitar and messing around with alot of pedals and slide guitar and amp tone. Right now everything on my pedalboard is acceptable sounding except my distortion which is a boss ds-1
    distortion. Its alright but just really low quality sounding. So I was wondering what drive or distortion pedals you think I would like. I’ve seen the little green wonder and the timmy distortions and I liked both of those alot, but I’m still not really sure. My kind of drive Im trying to find is probably something that can go from light break up to somewhat heavy breakup without killing everyone and something that has a nice warm broken up sound. Anyways, kindof a long comment haha but yeah. Thanks

  21. Hi James,

    Just had a quick question involving my Instagram account @gearwire, but don’t really know how to contact you via email. We’ve just started a thing called Learn That Lick Monday, and are starting to reach out to contributors via genre and style. I’d like to have someone to contribute a slide guitar lick. Just wanted to reach out and see if you would like to contribute. Nothing fancy, but just a lick that you enjoy using and think people could benefit from. If love to talk details, so if you’d like shoot me an email to thegearwire@gmail.com.


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