Online Guitar Consulting with James Duke

Thank you for your interest in my online guitar consulting program! I love the privilege of working with people to help them reach their goals as a musician, as well as offering advice and guidance with their musical aspirations.

Along with the last 4 years of online guitar consulting with people all over the world, I have spent a lot of time on the road meeting people and talking music, life goals and gear. I’ve developed a program of different topics based on those conversations. Topics such as:

Developing your own style and musical voice.

Expanding your knowledge of the guitar neck with chord voicing and scales.

How to find your musical place in a full band situation.

Slide guitar: How to get started, tips and tricks to incorporate slide into the music you play, chord voicings, etc. 

Improving your guitar tone. Looking for ways to creatively break out of the norm with different effects. Creating ambient textures.

Career counseling and helping set goals.

I want to take these topics (and many more!) and help you become the best musician you can be. We will focus on your sounds and playing and get you out of those ruts we so often find ourselves in. We will break open the guitar neck and take your creativity to new levels. We will bring a fresh excitement to your playing!

We will have fun and hangout!

I’m offering 30 minute and 60 minute sessions.

For additional information email me at:





  1. Is there a particular place that would be easiest for you? You and I have family in Vidalia, GA. Would you be willing to meet there during the summer?

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